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Michael Harding Discusses His Latest Colour Pyrrole Red: Insights and Applications

This season, Cass Art is excited to introduce Pyrrole Red as the newest entrant in Michael Harding’s line of professional oil paints.

This addition marks another milestone in Harding’s quest to enrich artists’ work with the finest hues. As the color finds its place in the brand’s exclusive collection, it also invites enthusiasts to explore its potential.

An exclusive interview sheds light on Harding’s artistic journey and his relentless pursuit of the quintessential blend that both dazzles the eyes and gratifies the artist’s touch.

Pyrrole Red

Michael Harding adds a distinctive red to his color palette that stands out for its vibrancy and affordability.

The creation, Pyrrole Red, harmonizes with existing red hues in his collection, adding depth and a fresh option for artists. This red isn’t just bright and bold, but also possesses a cool undertone that makes it unique in its offering.

Characteristic Details:

  • Pigment Index: Pr 254
  • Oil Content: High, suggesting a rich consistency
  • Transparency: Transparent, allowing for layering and depth in painting
  • Drying Rate: Medium, providing a balance for workability
  • Colorfastness: Superior, ensuring longevity in artworks

Pyrrole Red’s stability under light exposure makes it a reliable choice for pieces that stand the test of time.

Michael Harding Interview

Crafting Oil Paints: Michael Harding’s Artistic Alchemy

Michael Harding has become synonymous with quality in the world of professional oil paints. His journey began with a curiosity to replicate the captivating textures of classical masters like Rembrandt.

Initially experimenting with Titanium White, Michael soon discovered the necessity to modify and adapt his process. This adjustment resulted in diminishing the unwanted yellowing effect as the paint dried.

Expansion of the Colour Palette

Responding to the high demand from artists and drawing from his personal fascinations with historic hues, Michael expanded his palette.

His drive didn’t just stop at satisfying customer requests; it was also fueled by his affection for certain pigments, like the deeply enchanting Rose Madder — a hue revered since the time of the old masters. His collection not only preserves the legacy of historic shades but also embraces the vibrant new colors that resonate with contemporary creativity.

The Magic Behind the Craft

Artists sometimes regard the creation of new oil paints as a blend of science and sorcery. Michael sees it as an intuitive process, where he combines his ingredients in ways that resonate with him personally, leading to outcomes that captivate and inspire other artists to create.

To Medium or Not to Medium

While many artists find that Michael’s paints need no alterations, the use of mediums offers additional properties for those seeking specific results.

Michael educates on their appropriate use — from beeswax paste for a more pronounced impasto technique, to Dammar varnish for an enhanced glow and protective finish, or Oil Paint Medium (PM1) for a boost in flow and translucency without unnecessary embellishment.

Passion for Paint

Michael still practices his craft, painting in secret, cherishing the uninterrupted connection between artist and canvas.

What truly defines his work is an ever-forward-looking ethos, a ceaseless pursuit next to the milestones in his rearview mirror.

His pride lies not in past achievements but in the continual love and passion for his craft and the future possibilities it may hold.

Explore Michael Harding’s full range of oil colors and uncover the story behind these quality pigments that continue to shape the world of fine art.

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