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Akira Toriyama Dragon Ball Passed: Legendary Manga Artist’s Impact Lives On

The manga industry has experienced a profound loss with the passing of Akira Toriyama at age 68.

Toriyama was the creative force behind the iconic “Dragon Ball” series—a cornerstone of manga that expanded its reach globally through a beloved anime adaptation, numerous video games, and movies.

He began sharing the adventures of the young protagonist Son Goku and the quest for the magical dragon balls in 1984, capturing the imagination of audiences with the rich storylines and vibrant characters that protected Earth from alien threats like the Saiyans.

Key Points:

  • Inception of “Dragon Ball”: Began in 1984 and has since sold 260 million copies worldwide.
  • Impact of “Dragon Ball”: Inspired adaptations into other media forms, influencing a wide array of content creators.
  • Legacy of Toriyama: Worked in the industry for 45 years, leaving behind unfinished projects and a lasting impression on peers like Masashi Kishimoto and Eiichiro Oda.
  • Toriyama’s Global Influence: His storytelling captivated audiences globally and contributed to Japan’s cultural impact worldwide.

The anime series based on Toriyama’s manga debuted in 1989 and quickly became a symbol of Japanese culture recognized around the globe. It’s reported that Toriyama still had many stories in development, demonstrating his enduring passion for storytelling and leaving a legacy of artistic contributions.

Praise for Toriyama’s influence comes from all corners. His work is credited for drawing international attention to Japanese creative content and adding to the country’s cultural appeal.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary expressed the nation’s mourning, emphasizing Toriyama’s role in highlighting Japan’s soft power.

Breathing life into “Dragon Ball” has left an indelible mark on the world, fostering a myriad of creative talents who have acknowledged Toriyama’s influence on their work.

The Chinese audience, in particular, formed a unique bond with “Dragon Ball,” recognizing its roots in the classic tale “Journey to the West.”

Acknowledgements from industry colleagues and international fans alike demonstrate the far-reaching impact of Toriyama’s work. The late manga artist’s imaginative universe is poised to continue enchanting fans for generations, underscoring his standing as a pillar of the manga community.

Featured Image Credit: Darko-simple-ART / Deviantart

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