Periodicals, libraries & other sources

The service is designed to help users who are trying to locate art, architecture and design publications, plus related materials. The service includes a database of periodical titles (or magazines / journals / serials), plus a list of art libraries and links to other sources of information. 

Periodicals database was a cooperative project of ARLIS/UK & Ireland; providing an online union catalogue of serials in member libraries, together with a directory of institutions. Both originated in print products dating back to the early days of ARLIS/UK & Ireland, when it was far more difficult for libraries with complementary needs and resources to find out about and be in touch with each other. These resources served British art librarians and their users well, but today they are largely superseded by other services and the transformation of the information landscape online.

As regards serials, ARLIS/UK & Ireland now recommends that member libraries participate in SUNCAT: the Serials UNion CATalogue for the UK research community. Some institutions are also included in COPAC, which provides access to the catalogue records of over 70 major UK and Irish libraries.

List of art libraries

The site also provides a simple A to Z list of libraries with art, architecture and design collections. The entries are based upon information about institutional members of ARLIS/UK and Ireland. There are also links to printed guides for specific areas such as Dublin, Edinburgh and Leeds.

Other sources includes a list of other useful sources in the UK, Ireland and elsewhere. The list includes library catalogues, periodicals databases, and sources of information about artists' papers or auction house sale catalogues.