ARLIS Chair profile - Carla Marchesan

I have been an ARLIS personal member for many years, starting with attending Taking the Plunge 12 years ago, just before I started to be an Art and Architecture librarian as the librarian for the Prince’s Educational Charities in Shoreditch.

Having been an architecture and design librarian at London Met before, I was aware of ARLIS and took the opportunity to know more about Art librarianship.

Over the years, I have also attended library visits and events whenever possible, including a networking event for sister organizations, arranged by the then ARLIS Chair, where I represented ARCLIB, of which I was Chair at the time.

The ARLIS mailing list and publications have always been a most useful source of information, support and experience exchange, also a source of collection development, having occasionally given a new home to items from other collections. Over the years, like all of us, I have also got to know Lorraine Blackman and benefited from her help.

When it was apparent last year that ARLIS was going through very hard times, and with the prospect of a possible closure, I felt, like most, that I wanted to make a contribution to keep the society going, so I am delighted to have the opportunity to do so. Of course I have huge shoes to fill, as David Pulford has headed a most difficult but ultimately very successful rescue operation during his tenure.

Also I will be the first Chair since 1992 to operate without Business Manager, and everyone is still sad and a little apprehensive about life without Lorraine the last person to hold that role, but thanks to David’s leadership and everyone’s efforts, the worst is over, and given the enthusiasm and engagement seen at the AGM, ARLIS members are unmistakably determined to see the society thrive and evolve into a brilliant future, and I hope to get to know and to work with all of you to start on this journey.

Please get in touch if you want to get involved and if you have any ideas.