Workshop: The Archivist as Curator - exhibiting collections, from conception to realization and review

White Cube, 144-152 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1 3TQ

Thursday 23 May 2013, 10.30-17.00

A study day exploring how to successfully exhibit archive material.

Thinking of exhibiting material from an archive, but unsure how to approach the task?

Unclear about the method of display that would be most appropriate for your situation (Eg. showcase, web-feature, blog, full-scale exhibition etc.)?

Having trouble identifying a theme or unsure how to select material?

Concerned about conservation, copyright and insurance issues?

Unsure how to determine costs and value?

Unclear on how to gain feedback and add value to exhibiting?

This study day explores the practice of displaying archive material in hard-copy and digital format, from the conception of an idea/theme through to post exhibition feedback and analysis. It covers how to identify the most appropriate platform for display, who to involve, how to select and prepare material, promotion and feedback as well as a range of practical concerns such as conservation, insurance, and copyright.
The speakers are all experts in the field having, between them, a wide range of experience planning and exhibiting multi-format archival material, including photographs and audio-visuals, in a variety of ways.

Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 10:30